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PlantingSeed Jewelry

When planting seeds by hand, it is the small details that can make a big difference. We utilize mathematics to create PlantingSeed jewelry - wearable pieces to enable all to grow more.

PlantingSeed enables others to grow more.

Mathematics is our universal language and jewelry is our universal symbolism in all cultures. Throughout history, jewelry has been functional, talismanic and an artistic display.
— Dr. Kate M. Creasey of Grow More Foundation. Inventor & Founder

As plant scientists, we are aware of the many factors that affect crop growth and development. We cannot control the weather and climate, but we do have control over how we plant seeds, such as how far apart we sow them and the distance between inter-row spacing. As such, we were inspired to create a simple, wearable technology that could impact others on several levels. Not only to give wide access to such measurements, but to encourage a dialogue as to why such measurements are important.

The distance that seeds are planted from each other and how far apart rows are created, impact plant growth and development, but also crop performance. If the seeds are too close together, you risk loss of crop through shading and root crowding. If they are too far apart you do not maximize your land or greenhouse. Adding fertilizer too closely can burn and injure the seedlings, whereas watering too closely can wash seedlings away and cause root rot. More importantly, what works in developed countries does not work for developing countries. By simply planting seed efficiently we can improve seed germination, seedling growth, plant development and crop harvest.


How can we maximize growing food?


To apply basic science and mathematics to the real-world issues of starvation and malnutrition is a dream shared by many plant biologists. Grow More Fdn, was founded with the mission to enable all to eat more, grow more and apply more science to food. Our aims are enable science.

By donating PlantingSeed jewelry, we can enable those who plant seed by hand to grow more and maximize their farming. These measurements help reduce germination loss, water evaporation, root crowding, shade avoidance, root-rot from over-watering, all the while maximizing crop yield. We also partner with women entrepreneurs worldwide in both agriculture and jewelry design. Thus, not only do the durable pieces have a practical importance, they also have symbolic importance. And by wearing the delicate pieces, we can encourage dialogues on food security and safety.


We are collaborating with female entrepreneurs in Africa and America to enable all to grow more.


PlantingSeed jewelry is as functional as it is visually aesthetic. We partner with women-founded businesses to train and hand-craft earrings, bracelets and necklaces with durable pieces to be utilized in the field. These measurements can allow farmers and growers everywhere to maximize their food production.

We also hand-craft earrings, bracelets and necklaces with delicate pieces to encourage everyone in the dialogue of food safety, security and sustainability. PlantingSeed jewelry can be shared by the wearer with others, spreading the message far and wide.

Our world is at a crossroads. Our action or inaction against the triple threat of food, energy and climate change over the next few years will determine our fate.
— Prof. Joanne Chory of the Salk Institute. PlantingSeed jewelry Ambassador.
I love the possibility of it all!
— Kate Sydney of Kate Sydney Jewelry. Partner in PlantingSeed jewelry